We are a patient centred, experienced specialist gastroenterology practice with clinics in three leading Dublin Hospitals; Blackrock Clinic, Bon Secours Hospital and Hermitage Medical Clinic. Established in 1996 by Dr Hollingsworth, we provide a wide range of gastrointestinal services including endoscopies, radiology tests, hospital admissions and post-procedure care. We look after patients with a variety of gastrointestinal (G.I.) problems like Crohn’s, all types of colitis, peptic ulcers, acid reflux, iron overload and abnormal liver tests. We also see patients with abdominal pain, anaemia and unexplained weight loss.

If you are concerned about symptoms or if you are particularly at risk of G.I. cancer, please contact your family doctor for a referral and then call or email us to make an appointment.

Please be reassured by the fact that over 95% of patients who come to us do not have a serious underlying problem and leave us reassured and happy, knowing that they have had a thorough and expert evaluation.

Your GI Tract - Some Facts

Your G.I. tract is an extremely versatile and an incredibly indispensable organ. It works constantly without ever pausing to rest- It even works while you’re asleep and you are generally unaware that it is working hard for you. Its wall contains ‘smooth muscle’ that only exists in the G.I. tract. Unlike other types of muscle, like arm and leg muscles, your bowel muscle never gets tired.
Did you know?
  • The small bowel has a surface greater than a tennis court
  • The small bowel is about 26 feet long
  • A woman’s large bowel is typically longer than a man’s by 20cms
  • The large bowel absorbs 2 litres of fluid daily
  • The liver cleanses your body of toxins and breaks down medications
  • Certain conditions are more common in Ireland than elsewhere- Coeliac and iron overload

Meet the team

Dr Hollingsworth is a Consultant Gastroenterologist specialising in the management of all gastrointestinal (G.I.) disorders such as acid reflux, peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. His special interests include investigation of abdominal pain, anaemia and unexplained weight loss. He is particularly interested in colon cancer screening and treatment.

Dr Hollingsworth initially trained in UCD and the Mater Hospital in Gastroenterology and 5 years after qualification travelled to McMaster University in Canada. He was awarded an American and Canadian Fellowship in Gastroenterology. He also holds a fellowship in General Medicine from the American Board and the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. He was awarded the Excellence in medical care award from the Ontario College for his work in raising standards in Medical Care in Canada through leadership and research.

Dr. Jack Hollingsworth
Jill Spain

Our staff know that the possibility of having a medical procedure can be daunting but Jill in the office, and the nurses you meet in the hospital are experienced and sympathetic in dealing with queries and concerns and will be happy to answer any questions you might have in relation to your appointment.