We understand that being referred to a gastroenterologist can be a cause for concern but we are here to answer all of your questions, tell you everything you need to know and be there for you every step of the way.

First things first.

Before making an appointment with Dr Hollingsworth you should forward us a copy of the referral letter from your consultant or general practitioner. This ensures that we make the right appointment for you and that Dr Hollingsworth has a lot of the information he needs. The referral will usually include your past medical history, medications, a brief outline of your current problems, and it will usually indicate whether the referring doctor wishes to arrange a consultation or a direct access scope (gastroscopy/ colonoscopy/ sigmoidoscopy).

If you meet any of the following criteria it would be better for you to come to see Dr Hollingsworth for a consultation before having any medical procedures carried out:

  • You are seventy-five years of age or over and experiencing poor general health
  • You have a complicated medical history
  • You have Insulin dependent diabetes
  • You are on strong blood thinners

You should bring all your medications and prescriptions to your first appointment along with your medical insurance details (if any).

If you have been referred for a direct access scope you may find it useful to read through the instruction sheets – see page above to download sheets

Take a look at Dr Hollingsworth’s schedule and see which day and location might suit you best:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
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