Your G.I. tract is an extremely versatile and an incredibly indispensable organ. It works constantly without ever pausing to rest- It even works while you’re asleep and you are generally unaware that it is working hard for you. It wall contains ‘smooth muscle’ that only exists in the G.I. tract. Unlike other types of muscle, like arm and leg muscles, your bowel muscle never gets tired.

Did you know?

  • The small bowel has a surface greater than a tennis court
  • The small bowel is about 26 feet long
  • A woman’s large bowel is typically longer than a man’s by 20cms
  • The large bowel absorbs 2 litres of fluid daily
  • The liver cleanses your body of toxins and breaks down medications
  • Certain conditions are more common in Ireland than elsewhere- Coeliac and iron overload